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Legislative Day is Feb. 12, 2010

Now is the time to contact your legislators and make appointments for African American Legislative Day, Monday, Feb. 12, 2010

 Call 1-877-266-4844 and press "0" to volunteer or get updates. 

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WA State Commission on African American Affairs

The Commission on African American Affairs was created in Washington State law in 1992 under RCW 43.113.  The CAAA is in the Executive Branch of state government and reports directly to the Governor.

What Does the Commission Do?

  • Recommends policies and programs that will improve service to Black people, more...
  • Shares information inside and outside of state government. more...
  • Reaches out to the Black community and to government agencies. more...
  • Performs ceremonial and public relations duties. more...    


Areas of Focus

The Commission has agreed on Education as its primary focus from which to deliver policy recommendations. The commision’s plan is to address the following in this priority order:

  • Education
  •  Health

  • Economic Development & Equal Opportunity/Employment

  • Criminal Justice and Civil Rights

  • Pastoral Council

  • All areas will consider the impact to Children & Families

Contact Commission Board Members

Contact Staff in Olympia

 For more information of the Washington State Commission of African American Affairs, please visit their website:


  Dear Community:

 We, the members of the Black Prisoners Caucus, hope that we all recognize African American Legislative Day as a platform for justice.

 As we all know, the Black community as a collective has once again shattered the glass ceiling of politics and helped organize people in every city to elect the first African American man to the highest seat in office, President of the United States of America. Even with this great victory our job as Black Americans is far from over. Black communities everywhere continue to suffer by sitting silent and refusing to let their voices be heard especially about the injustices that continue to happen in our cities all across this country.

 It’s time to get more involved in understanding how we can change the conditions within our communities. Each year our legislature meets to engage in the process of public decision making. Representatives have been entrusted with the difficult task of making those critical decisions in our favor; however, our representatives cannot determine what laws and policies will best serve OUR interests unless WE express our views, concerns and preferences.

 Therefore, the BPC encourages you to take another step towards equality (for all) and join us February 12th as we move on the state capitol to make sure all the issues that affect the black community are addressed.

 ·         Criminal Justice Reform

·         Mental Health Treatment

·         Transitional Housing

·         Job Training Programs

·         Post Prison Education

·         Felon Voting Rights Restoration


African American Legislative Day is your day to organize, be informed and be heard!

 Please contact your representatives and express your concerns as to having every issue affecting the Black community represented in their legislative agenda. We cannot afford to miss this opportunity to have an effect on the future prosperity of our lives and the lives of our families. We’re standing in the light of a new day and continued, committed participation in the political process proves that “We the People” not only “Believe in Change” but we now know  that we have the power to manifest that reality.




For more info on African American Legislative Day –


Washington State Commission on African American Affairs

General Administration Building

210 11th Ave SW

Olympia, WA 98504