Inherit = to derive traits or qualities from ones parents or ancestors.  Kingdom = Any domain ruled by Supreme Authority, Independent of all external influence.

Inherit the Kingdom is a non-denominational "Circle of Spiritual Life", created by members of the Black Prisoners Caucus and Sponsors; in order to unite the participating men into one Brotherhood, under one God (Higher Power) regardless of what "Religious Title" they assume.

What We Offer

  • Spiritual Dialogue (Circle of Life sessions) 
  • Scriptural Studies
  • Videos, DVD/CD's
  • Spiritual Cleansing (Interactive engagement)
  • Choir
These services are facilitated by our sponsors, neighboring churches, clergy and visiting volunteers.

About Our Program
Our purpose with this program is not to proselytize or debate different points of religious dogma; this creates division. Instead, we come together to express and explore the commonalities of inner spirit, the outward practical application of our beliefs and clear up those religious misunderstandings that stand in the way of us coming together and closer to GOD (Higher Power).
The Mosque, Church, Synagogue and the Temple are environments that teach respect for laws and the environment that is in charge of fostering societies moral growth. These institutions have been the cause of many historic wars and some serious misrepresentations by the people who claim to live by the "Universal" laws of love!

Through these services, a higher degree of cognizant religious respects have begun to develop preeminence in the character of all the participants; Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Native American.