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Finding freedom behind bars

October 24, 2018  By The Buccaneer By Sarah R Baker Originally posted at: The patterned linoleum tiles, the overhead lights toeing the line between bright and harsh, and the cork boards covered in colorful construction paper and cut-out animals are reminiscent of anyone’s elementary school. The nostalgic smell of finger-paint and gooey cafeteria lunches feel like they might waft in at any second. The courtyard gives off a similar feeling, displaying perfectly trimmed grass and sporadic clusters of flowers and greenery any kid would want to trample or pick for favorite teachers during recess. But this isn’t a school. It’s
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Black Prisoners’ Caucus (Clallam Bay) 2018 Youth Summit

Black Prisoners’ Caucus – Clallam Bay chapter hosted their annual Youth Summit on October 12, 2018. It was well attended by many community organizers, youth and family advocates, outreach specialists and program policy coordinators from established organizations doing effective work in the community. These organizations included: The Village of Hope, New Horizons, NEXUS, Future Labs, YMCA, Fabians Fund, Youth Care, Friends of Youth, Columbia Legal Services, Sub Pop, Seattle Office of Civil Rights, Seattle Goodwill, KEXP, as well as, The Seattle Times. Each guest made the 4-hour trek up to the Peninsula Coast to sit with the Black Prisoners’ Caucus
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Black Prisoners’ Caucus – Stafford Creek, 2018 Criminal Justice Summit: “No Citizen Left Behind.”

The Black Prisoners’ Caucus at Stafford Creek Corrections Center invites you to attend their 2018 BPC Criminal Justice Summit – “No Citizen Left Behind.” Tuesday, October 30, 2018 / 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM PDT Registration ends at 12 midnight on October 13 The summit will feature presentations from BPC members and invited leaders from our community about how our society is throwing people away: the disposables. This summit will interrogate the criminal justice system, the education system, the housing system, the employment system, and other systems responsible for disposing of people in this society. We will not just talk
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