What is the TEACH program?

TEACH is a college program designed by the Black Prisoners’ Caucus to address the educational disparities that exist within the prison system among all prisoners, short-term, long term and immigrant prisoners. Our Mission is to change the expected outcomes of men in prison by transforming incarcerated men into college educated students through liberal Arts education.

What type of classes does the TEACH program offer?

TEACH has a rigorous curriculum designed by a faculty of prisoners and supported by educators and volunteers to prepare our students on a path towards achieving an Associates Degree through Seattle Central College. Each student’s journey will begin with a series of college prep courses Math, Writing & Reading which will lead into two educational pathways 1) a Certificate pathway and 2) a for-credit pathway. The for-credit pathway will encompass Social Science classes (Sociology, Psychology, Political Science etc), Natural Science classes (Algebra, Calculus, Biology, Physics etc), and Arts and Humanities classes (Foreign language, Drama, Music, History, etc). Certificate courses which encompass many life skills and cognitive change courses such as (Parenting, Violence reduction, public speaking, and conflict resolution etc) as well as similar disciplines as the for-credit courses listed above.

Do I have to be a member of the Black Prisoners Caucus to attend these college classes?

No. TEACH is a program initiated by the Black Prisoners’ Caucus. It was created for all prisoners who value higher education. No student will be discriminated against or denied access to the TEACH program because of the basis of race, color, national origin, sexual preference, age, crime or length of sentence.

Will I be able to enroll into the TEACH program even though I have an unforeseeable release date?

YES! TEACH was created specifically to provide college level education for ALL prisoners here at Clallam Bay interested in pursuing a Liberal Arts education especially those unable to attend classes due to their long determinate sentences, LWOP sentence or immigration detainer status. This education program is for all prisoners and we would encourage everyone become a part of this learning process. (Taking Education And Creating History)

Does the for credit classes equal out to real college credit?

YES! All students who finish the college prep courses and enter into the for-credit pathway will be taking official college courses through Seattle Central College. Every For-Credit course will be credited towards an Associates Degree. All students looking to take For-Credit classes must complete the designed college prep Math, Reading & Writing courses then successfully complete the ASSET placement test.

What are the requirements for the TEACH program?

There are only two requirements to become an active student in the TEACH program. 1) You must have a high school diploma or a GED. Two you must come prepared and ready to learn.

Will these classes be considered a program?

Yes! Every student enrolled in the TEACH program will be actively programming.

Where will TEACH classes be held?

TEACH classes will be held in on the education floor, upper recreation or visiting room depending on class schedule, size and space availability.

Will my infraction history affect my eligibility for the TEACH program?

NO! Infractions will not affect eligibility. However for those of you who go to the hole your status will depend on your time away from class. At that time a decision will be made if you will be allowed to continue on where you left off or if you will have to re-enroll next enrollment period because you have missed too many classes.

Will I be able to take some correspondence courses on my own through TEACH?

Yes! TEACH can help anyone who may be interested in pursuing correspondence courses on their own. Through TEACH we will help you get connected with Seattle Central Colleges distance learning program so you can take courses on your own at our reduced rate! That will provide you with an opportunity to take courses for credit that may not currently be offered through the TEACH program.