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Creating a college behind bars

Originally posted at How inmates in Washington State are trying to improve their lives so they can cope better after they’re released from prison. December 16, 2016 by Ann Scott Tyson CLALLAM BAY, WASH. — Up a lonely road lined with signs warning drivers not to pick up hitchhikers, on a hilltop surrounded by forest, the Clallam Bay Corrections Center at the northwest tip of Washington State feels like the ends of the earth. Yet behind the high walls and concertina wire, inmate Kimonti Carter is spending his 20th year behind bars striving for learning and connection. “We want to
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Coding bootcamp aims to keep people out of prison

Originally posted at August 9, 2016 by Caroline Halter If the increasing popularity of coding bootcamps is any indication, more and more people are looking at computer science as a pathway to job security and higher earnings. But what if coding could help break the cycle of incarceration, an issue that affects more than two million Americans each year? This is the idea behind Unloop, a nonprofit that aims to train inmates in Washington prisons to become entry-level web developers. Co-founded by David Almeida — who has spent the last four years working on business strategy at Microsoft — the
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