The Black Prisoners’ Caucus higher education program for the incarcerated, T.E.A.C.H. (Taking Education and Creating History), is a college program designed to change the expected outcomes of men in prison by transforming incarcerated men into college educated students. Founded at Clallam Bay Corrections Center, TEACH offers a new and innovative approach towards increasing the men’s availability to Liberal Arts and Natural Science Studies. Education has been shown to be key in eliminating inter-generational poverty, debt, homelessness, and improve the quality of life. Every student will have the opportunity to excel within this learning community and as they grow they will learn how to confront their social and academic challenges with a richer and broader perspective.

The most fundamental tools needed for success in today’s society begins with education. With a growing prison population and a dwindling budget every available opportunity to post-secondary education for prisoners has been eliminated except for a few basic courses and those programs developed by community organizations such as ourselves. TEACH has a rigorous curriculum that begins with a series of introduction courses (to assist students returning to school after some time away) which will lead into two educational pathways: 1 certificate pathway in general knowledge courses and 2 for-credit pathways in Social Science and Applied Science.


T.E.A.C.H. is currently offered at:

Clallam Bay Corrections Center

Stafford Creek Corrections Center

Washington Corrections Center